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An Alternative To Finite Resources

Finite resources, rising demand, and environmental impacts render traditional materials like copper and aluminium unsustainable. Geopolitical instability further jeopardises supply chains, heightening uncertainty for industries dependent on these materials.

100% Sustainable and Renewable

CFP’s 3D Carbon Composite, derived from trees, captures atmospheric carbon creating a renewable abundant material. For certain applications, most notably thermal management, this material can also eliminate supply chain exposure, offering consistent, eco-conscious manufacturing solutions.

Enormous Commercial Potential

Sustainability is one of, if not the, most pressing priorities for the planet. Global industries, aligning with CSR goals, seek sustainable materials. With CFP, you could be part of this monumental shift towards a greener future.

Patented 3D Printing Process

We are developing the world’s first 3D Carbon Composite printing process, protected by patents in the USA, UK, and Europe. Our unique process has overcome the previously impossible challenge of 3D printing carbon, potentially making it a viable option for industries demanding high-performance materials.

Sustainable Lignin Utilisation

We use refined lignin powder, a low-cost, renewable by-product of the paper manufacturing industry, as our primary ingredient. Lignin, with its thermoplastic properties and high carbon content, is transformed into bespoke 3D geometries using laser based technology. This material serves as the foundation for our sustainable products.

Competitive Advantages of Carbon Composite

Carbon composites offers incredible advantages, enabling cost-effective and high-performance solutions. Our 3D Carbon Composite products could outshine copper and aluminium in key respects. They aim to be more thermally conductive than aluminium and lighter and more affordable than copper and aluminium. CFP’s technology opens doors to new possibilities.

Explore the Commercial Opportunities

Additive Manufacturing is evolving and CFP is leading the way. Our 3D Carbon Composite has an extensive range of potential applications across industries.

Our innovative technology addresses limitations in the current 3D printing methods, offering a range of carbon-based composites and a low-cost, scalable process. We are poised to unlock the massive potential in mass 3D printing, especially in applications where lightweight, thermal and electrical conductivity and material stability are paramount.

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