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Join us as a shareholder and participate in our mission!

Carbon Forest Products (CFP) is launching an investment round and we want YOU to be part of our journey.

Don’t invest unless you’re prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high risk investment.

Our mission is clear: to tackle the issue of finite resources while combating climate impact using fully sustainable, plant-based materials. Your investment will propel this mission forward, including allowing us to complete ongoing R&D projects, engage with industry partners and secure additional valuable intellectual property.


Why join CFP?

As industries worldwide shift towards electrification, the demand for finite materials like copper, aluminium, and graphite is soaring: there’s a growing need however for renewable, cleaner alternatives due to their limited availability and environmentally costly mining and fabrication processes. At CFP, we’re developing what we believe could be the perfect solution and we invite you to become a shareholder and contribute actively to the positive change we’re making.

From academia to a scalable, sustainable solution

What began as a master’s degree project has evolved into a collaboration of bright minds from 3D printing, material sciences and industry. Together, we’re tackling the challenge of sustainable electrification and we want you to be part of our journey, not just as supporters but as shareholders.

What sets us apart?

Proprietary Technology: we’ve developed a patented 3D printing process using plant-based carbon as a sustainable alternative to traditional materials.

Nature’s Contribution: our process uses lignin, derived from trees and a waste product from the paper pulping industry. It’s renewable and consists of 60% captured atmospheric carbon, contributing not only to CO2 drawdown but also to wider reforestation.

Industry Collaboration: we’re already partnering with UK technology accelerators and leading manufacturers in the automotive sector to help transform the ~$623bn electric vehicle manufacturing industry.

Circular Economy: In our best-case vision, our materials derived from organic sources pave the way for a fully circular supply chain. Imagine a world where components can be ground, reused, and returned to the manufacturer, creating a seamless loop of sustainability.


What’s in it for you?

By investing in CFP, you become more than a supporter:

Shareholder Status: you’ll be a vital part of our growth and success and share in it.

Part of a Distinguished Community: join a group of experienced angel investors and institutions, including the Royal College of Art.

Drive Positive Change: contribute to transforming the way industries like the automotive sector might innovate and adopt advanced plant-based materials.

We believe we could impact not only transport but a host of other significant industries too, including aerospace, satellite, consumer electronics and biomedical implant technologies.

How to invest – it’s very easy

Please contact us using the form below, we will then be in touch using the details you have given and explain the next steps.